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CCTV Camera Systems are extensively used in the retail sector for crime reduction and as an incident investigation tool. They also give staff and customers a sense of security in the workplace.

They are also invaluable in public access locations such as car parks, garages, remote or poorly-lit residential areas, college/university campuses and hospitals. These are proven to be effective in deterring and reducing crime as well as providing a feeling of safety to members of the public.

ASGuk has unparalleled expertise in the design installation and maintenance of both local and remotely monitored solutions.

Our CCTV systems are used in a wide variety of sites and application, so we can easily tailor a solution to suit your needs whatever they are.

Types of Typical Systems

     -  Full Digital systems
     -  Digital Hard Drive Recording Suites
     -  Remote Online (Virtual Guarding)
     -  Rapid Deployable
     -  Nigh Vision cameras
     -  High Resolution Colour Cameras
     -  HD and IP
     -  FLIR Thermal Imaging
     -  White Light Technology illumination
     -  Number Plate Recognition Systems

Common Uses

     -  Crime Deterrent
     -   Health and Safety Monitoring
     -   Employee Monitoring
     -  Viewing of Remote Sites and activity
     -  Machinery and Factory Process Monitoring
     -  Site Audit Trail of activity
     -  Access control via Number Plate Recognition

Whatever your need, whether its to monitor your business at night, for Health and safety in your distribution warehouse or Gym, we can tailor a solution to your need, in a cost effective way.

A bit more about CCTV....
Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) works around the clock to help detect and deter crime, providing organisations with vital information. Many existing users are failing to realise the full potential of their system and the benefits it can provide with just a few extra tweaks.

Whilst analogue technology still makes up the larger proportion of CCTV systems installed for many applications digital technology has transformed it into a more powerful and cost effective management tool. Providing the ability to utilise existing data networks and infrastructure enhances the integration with other internal systems and functionality, including access control and automatic number plate recognition (ANPR).

As an integrator our systems can work with other electronic security systems to provide a number of benefits including:

      •  Greater quality images
      •  Quick and easy searching
      •  Pre-event recording
      •  Full playback control
      •  Remote network viewing
      •  Network capability
      •  Reduced maintenance costs
      •  Remote health checks

CCTV video security is widely utilised to protect employees and monitor premises, generating alerts in the case of fire, intruders or vandalism, preventing damage to buildings and allowing remote visual confirmation of incidents.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is a powerful CCTV based application using special cameras to enable identification, logging, and monitoring of vehicles number plates. The best known use is in policing traffic offences, the very same technology is widely used by organisations to both protect and increase the efficiency of their day to day operations. There are various applications for an ANPR systems and some of the features include:

      •  Simplified and speedy vehicle entry and exit
      •  Improved security for operators and users
      •  Maintain a current and historical log of vehicle movement
      •  Intelligent automated control of vehicle on barriers, gates and bollards
      •  effective management of freight vehicles and logistic applications

Talk to us about CCTV video security installation, to discuss any aspect of how CCTV or video security can enhance the security of your home or business premises, or to book a free, no-obligation risk assessment survey, call us on 01452 721721 or click here to email us your enquiry.

CCTV Camera systems will form part of your security solution. It is rare for it to be THE ONLY security solution you need.

CCTV is best used in combination with other security and safety system measures.

As Gloucestershire's leading expert we have installed and maintain many CCTV and Security systems in Gloucester, Stroud, Cheltenham and Tewkesbury.

Call our Gloucester office on  01452 721 721   for free advice and help if you're not sure yet what you need.

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