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ASGuk Smoke Cannon Fog Cloaking System is simple and effective way to stop potential thefts from occurring.

They say the simplest ideas are the best.... well here's proof

The concept of the smoke cannon is simple. when someone breaks in the intruder alarm system activates the smoke cannon cloaking system and the rest is best explained on a video.



Burglars today are pretty resilient bunch who seem to not even care for their own personal safety at times to get at your stock and goods.

They're more calculated and more organised than they were just a few years ago.

When they hear an intruder alarm system sounding, they know that it takes between 10 and 60 minutes for the Police or Security Guards to arrive, and they only need 2 to 8 min to disappear with your hard earned stock or precious equipment. So while a Intruder alarm is a primary defence item, the fog cannon is a physical secondary defence system instantly giving your building its own automatic self-defence system. The three biggest advantages of security fog cannon and cloaking systems are...

     - Burglars get a shock surprise and lose their sense of direction.
     - The fog has an immediate effect on the burglar's behaviour - creating fear.
     - It stops the burglars progress in a matter of seconds.

Its very hard to steal without the being able to see what you're doing. That is the whole principle of security fog protection.

If you can make your valuables invisible in seconds, they can't easily be stolen and they'll likely make their getaway empty handed .

This is one of the few items that can in some ways physically stop a theft.

Forming part of your overall security solution for your building


Our managing director Simon Roberts says.....

"Fog Cannon are a great product used in the right location, they form part of your overall security package and provide a secondary form of defence along with good physical security of the property and a British and European Standards compliant alarm system with good communication system..."


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