Time management of staff is never more important that at a time of economic uncertainty.
So many business are turning to time management systems.

Integrating your time management system with your access control system to share the same fob technology is another potential area to save on cost and efficiency, and actually just make obvious sense.

As many clients asked us about integration, we now have our own professional time management solution with full integration to Paxton access control systems (as well as many other makes of access systems).....

Integrating time management with your access control system to share the same fob just makes even more sense, but is an often overlooked opportunity.

More and more clients wanted integrated solutions so that is what we've done.

We now have a complete and professional time management system including terminals and software to manage even the most complex of shift and payroll integration

Staff use the same Fob

- Staff use the same fob for access and TimeWatch
- When you add someone to your access they're added to the TimeWatch system
- Works with Paxton as well as other leading access control manufacturers
- Integration and automatic Fire Roll Call
- Simple and complex shift & pay management

- plus many other features and benefits...

for more information simply download our TimeWatch.PDF


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What Client say's

“the depth of what I call real world knowledge amid experience of what works and what doesn't is the main reason we've been using ASG for the last 14 years. There ability to think out side of the box and not just selling me something is unusually refreshing”