Established in 1989, we celebrated
our 29th anniversary in April 2018….

It would appear people really like our honest educate & inform approach to system design and the way we provide solutions for businesses and organisations.

So much so in fact, they keep telling other people about us, so we’ve been kind of busy.

In 2016 we made some significant changes internally and created a new team to meet the clients needs. We've moved to new purpose fitted out premises headoffice which is nearly 4x larger than our previous building and were recently rewarded for great work with 3 clients extending their contracts for a further 2 years, so why not consider joining the many thousands of clients who’ve used our services over the years.


So how far can we go….
Although we predominantly service the Gloucestershire and surrounding Counties, many clients ask us to assist them wider a field. 

From Brighton to Barry Island……
From Atherstone to Albania….

Yep we even have international clients interested too….  An installation in Albania for an existing client was something of an interesting experience..

Our roots are here in Gloucestershire and surrounding counties though…


So who are our clients….
Many and varied is all I can say as you can well imagine.

This site will soon show were we specialise in certain areas of business, in particular Healthcare, Warehousing/Transport, and Education, but as said our clients come from all areas of business.



So why not call us NOW on our Gloucester office 01452 721 721 for instant free advice and information