Alarm Monitoring

ASG has partnered with CSL DualCom, the leading technology in dual path alarm signalling.

What is Dual Path signalling.

In simple terms, when the alarm system triggers it send electronic signals to our central station via 2 different methods. Your standard PSTN phone line and also GSM network, ensuring that the signal gets through even if the phone line is cut.

DualCom v RedCare
DualCom can work on any analogue phone line. Your NOT tied to BT like you would be with BT's RedCare. This means we can actually install and commission a monitored system within hours. No more waiting for BT to come and install a phone line and then activate the RedCare service.

DualCom monitoring is also more cost effective. On average a client will pay approx 19% less in monitoring charges per annum using our monitoring services.

See here for DualCom promotional video

There are lots of different monitoring methods so selecting the right one and ensuring that you have easy upgrade paths is essential.

We can help you get this correct first time. And then if you're insurance company suddenly decides to upgrade your risk, your system can simply be uprated too, without costly upgrades and replacement components.

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What Client say's

“the depth of what I call real world knowledge amid experience of what works and what doesn't is the main reason we've been using ASG for the last 14 years. There ability to think out side of the box and not just selling me something because its what I thought I wanted is unusually refreshing”