The CareLock Anti-Ligature Lock System

makes a timely entry into the Anti-Ligature access control market and is Paxton Net2 compatible.

Its set to become the must have product for many Care and Mental Health environments, allowing cost effective control of bedrooms and meeting rooms, with live data and anti-ligature features all built in.

The product is exclusively available from us in the UK and was the brain child of Director Simon Roberts as he'd seen a gap in the market for such a product in the care environment. he comments....

"at ASGuk we have designed many systems and products for the mental health environment and found many of our clients had exiting Care Units had no access control in particular on bedrooms as many found it as was cost prohibitive and the disruption to staff and service users was huge, so many simply didn't bother.

There are other systems but they are not "live" online solutions that give instant control.... so I combined our knowledge and expertise with a leading Paxton product and created a ideal cost effective solution for clients..."


The product is simple to deploy, provides live information too and from the lock system, so adding and deleting fobs or cards is simply button press and instant.

The system also provides a user activity audit trail, so great where incidents occur the system can be checked. It also means staff need only carry one fob for the entire unit..

-    Easily retro-fits into an existing environment
-    Minimum disruption to patients and staff during install
-    Does not require mains power
-    Overcome tricky cable runs and hard to reach places
-    Add additional doors when you need them
-    Suits anti-barricade doors and doors mounted on “Z” hinges
-    Means staff only need carry one fob for all around their unit (unlike some systems)

CareLock integrates the market leading Paxton Net2 access control for an enormously simple to manage software and access control deployment.

Wireless Access Control System For Schools Colleges and Offices

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