Electronic Fire Register System for Gloucestershire Schools


Fire Register System and "Who's In" System

Many people already carry some kind of access control card or fob at their place of work to enable them to move around their premises, so using this very same card or fob to carry out other tasks is an interesting prospect to many organisation.

A key subject currently is knowing who is in a building or on the premises at the point of fire alarm activation or other such emergency.

Typically this is handled by a visitor and staff book at reception so relies on a single point of entry and booking and relies on old fashioned paper.

Well not any more - finally fire registration is brought up to date.

With our system you can now use a simple fob or card (even your existing ones if you already have access control). Staff, Visitors and Contractors simply present at the Booking In Point to register on site and at the Booking Out Point on departure. The system does the rest.

You can also have multiple entrances too making life simpler on large sites to stop queuing.

Upon activation of the fire alarm or emergency procedure the system will print out everyone who’s in the building, or using our latest app, will send this information to your PDA or Smart phone so you can check people off. It can even show you a picture of who you’re looking for larger organisations!

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No more magnetic whiteboards at reception.

Our fire register system now incorporate a Who's In Live Webpage that lets your reception staff known who's in the building and if you have our access system too it will even let them know the last known location.

Finally a simple to use automatic system that means you no longer have to nag staff to move their magnet or change their status on a white board when they come and go....

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I switched to ASGuk about three years ago and they have proved themselves time and time again to be outstanding in terms of customer service and advice and guidance. They have been paramount in finding the right solutions for our unique need here at the school.

Adrian England
Kingsway Primary School

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