HD IP CCTV Systems

HD IP CCTV Systems

We're all used to HD (high definition) TV in our homes, but now its available in CCTV, and WOW what a difference HD IP CCTV Systems make.

if you think your current CCTV images are not bad - then why not take a look at our HD IP CCTV video examples on the right...!.

So who does HD IP CCTV suit...?

Some obvious users would be.....
  -  Bars & Clubs
  -  Petrol Forecourts
  -  Council Receptions
  -  Benefits Offices
  -  Reception Areas
  -  Hire Shops
  -  Jewellers
  -  High Value Retail Shops
  -  Fast Food Restaurants
  -  Banks and Financial

But in fact just about anywhere more detail is required the system can be used.

What other benefits are there..?

As the image quality is so much clearer it mean you can zoom in on the image in far greater levels without experiencing the typical pixilation you get on a normal analogue video image. This means the HD IP CCTV cameras can be set to view wider areas than normal cameras.

Great Efficiency...
Because the HD IP CCTV camera can be set to a wider image and you can digitally zoom in for clearer images after the event, you'll need less cameras to cover the same typical area, so more cost efficient overall..


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HD IP CCTV systems will form part of your security solution. It is rare for it to be THE ONLY security solution you need.

CCTV is best used in combination with other security and safety system measures.

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