Fleet Secured...

Existing client SMH Fleet solutions, recently upgraded their cameras
with the our all new Predator CCTV camera...

Fleet solutions company SMH wanted to ensure their camera technology was as up to date as possible, after all its looking after Multi-Million pounds of stock.

We'd been selected to provide the original system in the past because of our knowledge and our ability to think a little differently to other security companies, which helped the client achieve cost efficiency and advance integration to the fence and automatic gate systems.

So it was an easy and natural choice for SMH to ask us to help with their upgrade needs.

We upgraded their cameras to the latest Predator all-in-one camera providing high quality images at night along with rugged functional control and a 3 YEAR WARRANTY.

SMH have been so pleased with the results, they awarded us with a contract for their automation needs to manage and repair their very large and existing automatic gate systems, including Impact and crush testing.

Installed Systems Include....

  -  Predator CCTV Cameras located on 6m towers
  -  High Specification DVR and control suite
  -  On-line remote guarding and support
  -  Perimeter Fence Detection System
  -  Site wide Audio Tannoy System
  -  Dual Audio Entry Control Systems
  -  PC based Proximity Access Control System

  -  Automatic Sliding gate systems
  -  Automatic Pedestrian Gate Systems


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