High Defintion Cement Production

The company

Established over 20 years ago Dragon Alfa Cement has been successfully importing and distributing cement product throughout the UK via its headquarters in rural Gloucestershire. As part of the worlds largest cement companies Cementos Portland Valderrivas group of Companies, there is a high demand for its products with operations at both Sharpness docks and Portland Port in Dorset.


The site

Their Sharpness site is a dockside distribution area, comprising of a large yard area for lorry manoeuvres, storage Silos, Weigh Bridge and general storage facilities. The nature of the site is a high use heavy goods vehicle distribution area, with the added hazards of being a dockside for large container ships and a container ship discharge facility.


The challenge....

Dragon Alfa had specific requirements for their surveillance system. Due to the nature of their operations it was a considerably hazardous area for staff, drivers and customers alike, so safety is very high importance.

The large yard area has high level of movement of articulated vehicles meaning consistent overview of activity was important to enable an audit trail of movements, so should an incident occur they could then review in detail.

Whilst there safety record is impeccable,they were keen to take advantage of technology to improve safety further so as their provider for the last 15 years we suggested looking at High Definition IP CCTV technology, General manager Mike Marler jumped at the chance.

Our solution....

Following an in-depth site visits and discussions with Simon Roberts (a director and senior system designer of 28 years at ASGuk), Mike was presented a new IP HD solution that met all their needs now but more importantly was a core foundation that could be built on for the future.

Following demonstration of the system capabilities and image quality, Dragon Alfa could see that the use of IP HD camera meant that whilst a wider overview could be achieved the detail could also be gained due to the HD images being recorded.

Dragon Alfa swiftly awarded ASG the project and asked for a very quick installation timescale to meet their needs.

The system included ......
The installation comprised of 6x External IP66 grade High Definition 3mp camera strategically located to provide a consistent overview of the entire operational area including the weigh bridge and entrance gate.

One camera location was remote from the rest of the site to view storage and vehicle overnight parking areas. As the cable route was particularly difficult ASGuk installed an encrypted and secure wireless bridge to link back to the main system.

Part of the design was for the recording suite to be located in a secure area whilst a large 32” wall mount monitor allowed staff to have multi-screen overview of the entire site along with mouse control to view things in more detail if wished.

Remote Management ......
As part of the system design ASG included remote management. This allowed operational staff to review recorded or live images remotely even when not in office from a mobile phone, tablet or PC at another home or location all via secure encrypted communication .This gave staff at the site even greater level of management control.


client comments....

Mike Marler, General Manager at Dragon Alfa comments...
ASGuk have looked after us for many years and we’ve always had great advice service and support. Our new system is fantastic and allows me to get on with daily business knowing the system is there if I need it. With ASGuk recent completion of our system for Portland Port in Dorset too we can view both sites far more effectively and efficiently.

We gave a tight installation window of time, but this didn’t faze Simon and his team who carried out the installation in their very professional but friendly and accommodating way.

I’m over the moon and it’s great that I can even see the cameras from my mobile including controlling of the camera movement.

I would definitely recommend ASGuk to other businesses!




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