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Our StaffWatch range is perfect for school Lockdown or emergency call .
From basic assistance call at reception to full Lockdown protocols and 2 way communication system throughout your site, we have a solution for you.

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Shocking statistics
Data released under the Freedom of Information Act shows that councils recorded 4,372 alleged assaults by students on teachers at primary and secondary schools.

The figures include incidents where teachers have been bitten and scratched, as well as those injured when breaking up fights or restraining unruly pupils.

Violence and safety of teachers and staff in schools and education is a serious and growing problem.


Lockdown has become the new word in education establishments, allowing for site wide communication should an incident occur enabling staff to respond according to the protocol and type of call being issued.

Our StaffWatch EPOC-s system ensures that the right message is sent to the right people and using a mixtures of text and colours allows staff to quickly recognise the need for action.

Our StaffWatch EPOC-s system enables two way communication too so in the event of an activation staff can see who has read received it and responding.

Many schools are attempting to use fire alarm and existing alarms to provide warning levels in the event of a threat or incident, however these simply do not provide the flexibility or assurance of the right message being received and correctly undestood. StaffWatch EPOC-s use of Plain English and colours means there is no mistakes and is the future of school communication across a range of needs.

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Gloucestershire Schools Reception Emergency Call Systems

School receptionist are often the first point of contact in all schools. Parents can come in to discuss a range of issues about there child. Sometimes the parents can become verbally or physically threatening to the receptionist.

Traditionally fixed panic attack buttons have been installed under desks and are connected to the intruder alarm systems. When pressed these buttons went through to a monitoring station who would in turn request police response to site.

The problem with fixed panic attack buttons is not every situation warrants police response. In most cases an additional member of staff would be sufficient to diffuse the situation. The other issue is that when people are threatened they tend to back away, this often means that fixed buttons are no longer within reach.

Our StaffWatch systems overcomes this and provide the ability to call for assistance at the right level at the touch of a button even when not at their desk.

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Worcestershire School Classrooms Emergency Call Systems

A lot of violence and abuse of teachers occur in classrooms and can often be unpredictable. There have been many cases reported of teachers suffering serious injuries in classrooms. As there is normally only one teacher in the room it is very difficult to deal with the escalating situation and get assistance.

By using our StaffWatch range in classrooms, teachers could summon help should they feel physically threatened or believe a situation is going to turn aggressive.

An audible and visual alert from a StaffWatch receiver would alert other members of staff that assistance is required.

StaffWatch system can also alert to medical emergency too should an injury or illness occur in the classroom.

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School Sports Accidents and Injuries Emergency Call Systems

One of the highest risk risk activities in schools is physical education. Many students have been seriously injured during contact sport and gymnastics. There are also many incidents where physical education teachers have been assaulted.

The biggest challenge for schools is managing the safety of these activities. There are often many pupils with limited supervision.

StaffWatch systems would allow teachers to call for assistance for any situation wherever and whenever it occurs. This solution would provide coverage for outside sports pitches as well as indoor sports halls and gymnasiums.

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Lone working call systems for school caretakers

StaffWatch working as a Lone Worker system are ideal for your caretaker. When the schools is closed and your caretakers and maintenance teams are carrying out essential maintenance who's looking after them. Our StaffWatch system can ensure that in the event they get injury or even are unconscious then someone will know.

The system can alert locally or remotely to let someone off site know that something is wrong, rather than your maintenance staff being missing injured for hours on end with no-one knowing.

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StaffWatch emergency call systems will form part of your Security and Safety solution. It is rare for it to be THE ONLY solution you need.

StaffWatch is best used in combination with other security system measures.

As Gloucestershire's leading expert on security and safety systems we have installed and maintain many systems in Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Avon and Somerset as well as many other Counties in the UK..

Call our Gloucester office on  01843 317 7878   for free advice and help if you're not sure yet what you need.

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I switched to ASGuk about three years ago and they have proved themselves time and time again to be outstanding in terms of customer service and advice and guidance. They have been paramount in finding the right solutions for our unique need here at the school.

Adrian England
Kingsway Primary School

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