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Switching your Security Systems Supplier is easy

You'll be very used to changing utility suppliers so why change not your security supplier and maintenance company to us.

With a wide range of services we're able to provide you a complete professional one-stop solution.

I heard changing is a pain?
Many companies will make it difficult for you to changed as they want you to stay with them. Typically this will be your alarm monitoring which seems difficult but it really isn't. Changing Monitoring accounts to our Central station is a 3 step process and none of the process involve the customer, so for you simply tell us you want to switch and we do the rest.

Why should I change?
We have provided professional services for over 25+ years, not only have we a great reputation and range of services but you'll also save money too.

Simple economics tell you you'll save money as having all your services with one support company will save on traveling time and time on site during maintenance visits, instantly saving you money


Switch now and get FREE 1 HOUR of engineer time!

If you switch now we'll credit your account with 1 Hour of prepaid time. So if you ever need extra engineer time or need us to do anything on site during a maintenance visit you'll get a free HOUR of our engineers time.

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Operations Director Daniel Green says....

I'd personally like to welcome you to using our services.
If you fill out the above form and Switch your services to us I'll personally credit your account with a free 1 Hour of our engineers time.

the best bit is that 1 hour will never expire, it stay on your account until you need it. what's more is that if you like you can add more pre-paid hours and save even more money.

There is NO catch..... this is just a thank you for switching.



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What Client say's

I switched to ASGuk about three years ago and they have proved themselves time and time again to be outstanding in terms of customer service and advice and guidance. They have been paramount in finding the right solutions for our unique need here at the school.

Adrian England
Kingsway Primary School